Robotic Surgery

Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery

Advanced Robotic Surgery in Chicago

Robot-assisted surgery is a division of minimally invasive surgery that uses robotic tools to perform the operation. The robotic platform has been used in the surgical field for decades, and the accelerated improvement in these instruments and techniques in the last few years makes them more commonly accessible to patients.

The robotic platform, the earliest and most well-known of which is the ROBODOC surgical robot system, was created to overcome the limitations of laparoscopy. Today, laparoscopic and robotic techniques are accepted, utilized and considered the standard of care for multiple operations. Both offer the patient similar benefits: minimally invasive surgery with very small incisions, decreased pain, faster recovery and better cosmetic outcomes.

How Robotic or Remote Surgery Works

The robotic platform is controlled entirely by the surgeon. The surgeon places the robotic instruments in the correct position and controls them from a special console that provides the surgeon with superior 3-D visualization of the surgical field. During the operation, the surgeon is always next to the patient and in full command of the procedure.

Choose the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery

At the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery, our surgeons are trained in all aspects of minimally invasive surgery, including the latest techniques and newest technology to bring you the care you deserve. Robot-assisted surgery is a tool that helps surgeons perform complex, precise surgeries via a few small incisions. Both the surgeon and the patient benefit when trusted technology is part of the surgical equation.

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