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About Hemorrhoids and Their Treatment

Hemorrhoids are a normal part of the human anatomy in the anus, and everyone has them. In fact, hemorrhoids affect millions of patients every year in the United States.

These “cushions” consist of superficial blood vessels that can become enlarged. If they stay persistently enlarged, they can cause symptoms such as bleeding, bulging out of the anus (hemorrhoid prolapse), itching and persistent drainage. They generally don’t hurt but in certain rare circumstances can cause significant pain.

Doctor for Hemorrhoid Surgery and Non-Surgical Treatment

If you have symptoms, you should be examined for hemorrhoid disease. Which doctor treats hemorrhoids? Your best bet is to see a specifically trained doctor that treats and removes hemorrhoids.

Our specialists perform a thorough examination to ensure the diagnosis is truly hemorrhoids and not any other common anal problem. Sometimes, further workup is needed, such as a colonoscopy or CT scans, to rule out other causes of rectal bleeding such as cancer, polyps or diverticulosis.

We treat hemorrhoids in a variety of ways, including dietary and lifestyle changes, medication, procedures performed in the office and procedures performed in an operating room under anesthesia. Treatment is customized to each patient’s needs and severity of disease. 

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If you experience symptoms of hemorrhoids, please schedule a consultation with a hemorrhoids doctor as soon as possible. While your problem may indeed be hemorrhoids, only a specialist can positively confirm that diagnosis and rule out other, more serious diseases. Whether you have hemorrhoids or your symptoms indicate something else, the highly trained and skilled physicians at the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery are ready to provide the finest, state-of-the-art treatment available — in a compassionate and caring manner.

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