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When to See an Anorectal Specialist and Surgeon

Many causes and diagnoses are associated with anal pain as well as drainage, discomfort, bleeding and itching in the area. Some patients may even notice lack of control of their bowel movements and experience “accidents” on a frequent basis. Among the more common conditions are anal fistula, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, incontinence, levator spasm, anal warts and rectal prolapse. If you are experiencing any concerning symptoms, schedule a consultation with the anal specialist, i.e., colorectal doctor at the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery.

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Our colon and rectal surgeons offer all the necessary testing and evaluation for these conditions (and more) in our office. The examination is painless and very brief. We understand that this is a delicate area, and you may be reluctant to discuss your issue, even with a doctor. We are committed to doing everything we can possibly do to make you feel comfortable during your visit and exam. Don’t wait; make an appointment for an evaluation today.   

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