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Talented, Knowledgeable Surgeons in Chicago

The skilled surgeons at the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery (CIAS) are highly trained in general surgery and a variety of specialties. They operate at the same levels as surgeons in the most renowned academic facilities but choose to provide a level of patient care that far exceeds what you find at those esteemed institutions. Plus, we employ cutting-edge technology, performing minimally invasive surgery that decreases complications, reduces pain and speeds recovery. 

Quality Surgery Combined with Personalized Care

When you choose to consult one of our surgeons, you will see and be cared for by him or her personally throughout the length of your care. We don’t pass your treatment onto trainees or interns — your surgery will be performed by your CIAS doctor, and he or she remains available to answer questions and discuss options with you. For high-quality, compassionate and personal surgery — in your own community — contact the fine surgeons at the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery.