Minimally Invasive Hernia Surgery in Chicago

When You Should See a Hernia Specialist Doctor

A hernia is an area of your abdominal wall that is weak or torn, allowing your adipose tissue (body fat) or even intestines to bulge out. Hernias usually cause bulging around the belly button or in the groin. Symptoms include pain — especially when coughing, straining or using nearby muscles — and/or nausea and vomiting if part of the intestine is blocked in the hernia.

Hernias usually manifest with a soft bulge that can be pushed back in. If the bulge becomes hard, tender or unable to be pushed back in, then the hernia may be stuck (incarcerated). When this happens, an urgent exam and likely repair are warranted.

Hernia Treatment Requires Hernia Repair Surgery

Hernias can be complex and confusing (umbilical, inguinal, incisional, epigastric, ventral or femoral), but our team of hernia surgeons is trained to treat all aspects of hernias. Hernia doctors perform relatively straightforward surgery, repairing the weakness or tear in the abdominal wall.

Choose the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery

The hernia surgeons at the Chicago Institute of Advanced Surgery have undergone rigorous, specialized training in the latest robotic and laparoscopic technologies, permitting them to treat your hernia via tiny incisions made in the abdominal wall. Unlike open hernia surgery, these types of minimally invasive surgery allow the procedure to be performed on an outpatient basis, reduce pain and speed the patient’s recovery.

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